Sunday, January 27, 2008

Decorating with Style

Go over to The Pink of Perfection and check out this great way to create recycled, good looking and original art.

I am definitely going to make me some of those.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Go Eat Elk Curry

South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis) are the UKs largest ethnic minority. This wont mean much to you except that I miss curry.

I miss curry more than I miss Sainsbury's Chocaltines (which since I left have been replaced by inferior Pain Au Chocolat). I ate A LOT of those.

And Covent Garden Thai Spinach Soup. Mmmmmm. Many many times I went to school reeking of B.O. before I realized it was the Thai Spinach Soup smell sticking to my uniform.

But the curry. Oh the curry. My sister Lucy and I had take out from our local curry house, Barinda's almost every week in the last year I was home (before I married Jeremiah). It was extremely unhealthy but we balanced it with hard core circa-spin at the gym twice a week. That's something else I miss.

But whaddayaknow. Two weeks ago, I was shopping in the The Good Food Store in Missoula, (my new fave store) and guess what was on the shelves.


Patak's Curry Paste.

I added it to the elk roast that has been in the oven all day, along with some heavy cream. It is divine.

Go buy some and see.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Dead Easy (Almost) Organic Dinner

I was spoiled by wonderful food the last two summers that I worked at the ranch. Everything there is made from scratch (even the salad dressings). It was good healthy food, lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad on top of the breads and meats. My body was in heaven with all of those wonderful nutrients

Now that Jeremiah and I are living alone and fending for ourselves, I decided I couldn't bring myself to serve pre-made, pre-packaged frozen dinners. For us, it seemed wrong.

So on top of buying organic, I also cook most nights.

A butcher down the road makes wild game sausages from the cut-offs of elk and deer that people bring him during hunting season. He also puts cheese, and whole peas and other green vegetables in them.

I grilled them on the counter top until they were almost done, then put them in the oven at 350 to keep cooking.

Meanwhile I had had organic eggplant salted and sweating on the countertop. I rinsed that, brushed it with oil, and grilled it too.

I reaheated some leftover organic mashed potatoes from the night before. I had mashed them with organic butter and sour cream. Last night I stirred some cheese in while they were reheating.

We also had leftover organic salad, with organic garbanzo beans and (f)artichoke hearts on top.

Super simple, quick and delicious. Yummy.

I'd love to show you a picture of the finished plate, but the layout wasn't professional, so I'll leave it up to your imaginations how scrumptious this looked on the table in front of me.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for domesticity waned exponentially after that, and I didn't clean up the kitchen. I have to go do that now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

News Flash

Becca and I have been off the grid for the last few months. Becca has been busy with Hunting Camp. I was, until my husband carted me half way across the state to pastures new.

But here are some things that have discovered/done.

Safeway now has a new organics line of products, which means that I can buy as much organic produce in my local town which has one little Safeway as its only grocery store, in the heart of cowboy country. I know. Astounding.

Target now sells a range of organic cotton products such as sheets (which I bought today), towels and baby clothes. I LOVE it.

I bought a deer and elk tag, which has Jeremiah beaming from ear to ear. I told him not to get mad if I cry after I shoot an elk. He asked why I only eat wild game if I dont want to hunt. I said that I will hunt because I believe in hunting. I wanted to hunt, but it doesnt make it any less sad. I am trying to live according to what I believe. He looked confused.

Anybody else discovered any natural/organic and affordable things?